Universal Garden of Emuna - English

Universal Garden of Emuna - English

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Universal Garden of Emuna guides all to peace of soul. Includes Seven Mitzvot for Bnei Noach.

What’s the consolation in knowing that the world is full of strife when our personal lives are a never-ending saga of stress, worry, anxiety and challenges? Making a living today is like being a 21st Century gladiator. Family units are falling apart and marital bliss seems like a pipe dream. People face child education problems that they never imagined. What can a person do to maintain sanity?

If sanity is such a struggle, who dares to dream of genuine happiness, fulfillment and true inner peace? You do!

As soon as you open up the first page of the new Universal Garden of Emuna by internationally acclaimed, best-selling author Shalom Arush, whose books have helped millions of people around the globe live better lives, you gain the master-key to life’s locked doors, especially the doors to fulfilling your own personal potential.

Far from flash-in-the-pan fad spirituality, the new non-denominational Universal Garden of Emuna takes the reader by the hand along the proven path to satisfaction of the soul. By learning emuna – the pure and simple faith in the Creator – the reader learns how to cultivate an intimate personal relationship with the Creator.

Includes an amazing new explanation of the Seven Noahide Commandments for all mankind.

This book will quickly become your best friend, a book you’ll want to read over and over! A complete and total life-changer!